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Pneumatic Vacuum Home Elevator

Avoid heavy lifting. Home elevators can lift up to 1,000 pounds. How convenient is that?

  • Perfect for 2-4 levels

  • Adds a distinctive, modern look to your home

  • Safe, smooth and quiet operation

  • No pit, hoist way, or machine room required

  • Through the floor or balcony mount

  • 35 feet total rise max, 30 feet/min travelling speed

  • External cylinder diameter: 30 inches

  • Internal cabin diameter: 20 ½ inches

  • Internal cabin height: 6’ 7” (79 inches)

  • Entrance way opening: 20 ½ inches

We had a particularly challenging situation on several fronts with regard to installation of our through the floor home elevator. Throughout the entire process, including problems that were unanticipated, the Ascent Elevators team was phenomenal. They excel at explaining difficult problems, and defusing tensions among people involved in a remodel.  We'd give them 10 stars, but there are only 5 here.

Dr. Marla J.


Beautiful Elevators

Design Meets Functionality

For homes over 2,500 square feet, a home elevator is proven to add value to your home.

A home elevator is a safer, space-saving alternative to stairs. Prevent falls, and add luxury to your home.

Standard Elevators with a Shaft

  • Indoor and outdoor residential application

  • A luxurious and pleasant ride for 1-3 people

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Customizable to fit existing decor, flooring, ceiling, walls and trim

  • Standard capacity 750 lbs up to an optional 1,000

  • Maximum travel distance 50 feet, with up to 6 stops and 3 openings

  • Space-saving design with a typical footprint of 5 feet by 5 feet

  • No separate equipment room required

Through the Floor Elevators

  • Affordable solution for up to 2 floors

  • Easy installation and doesn't require an elevator shaft or complex remodeling

  • Space-saving design:  Only uses space on one level at a time

  • Landing call stations: 2 Wireless remote control units – call / send facility

  • Enter and exit through the same door or enter through the front and exit through the back (pass-through configuration)




Benefits of a Home Elevator

Friendly, knowledgeable, and with 20 years of experience. We'll get it right the first time! 

Home elevator showroom is in Englewood, CO, and we service the entire state of Colorado.

Firm commitment to providing excellent customer service with a true sense of caring and urgency.




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